MicroShade launches new online simulation tool

SimShade is the name of MicroShade’s new online simulation tool and it replaces the company’s first generation calculator, MSPEC. The new tool is available for free at the MicroShade website.

SimShade caters to the needs of architects, engineers, contractors and building owners alike and provides a more holistic view of the impact, which individual choices of shading and glazing solutions make on the overall performance of the structure. Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen, head of technical support at MicroShade explains: “SimShade is designed in a way that makes it accessible and easy to use without limiting the relevance and detail of the output – and we have also made it possible to compare different shading solutions - even down to differences in Total Cost of Ownership.”

The reports generated in SimShade provide an extensive overview of technical data, economics (incl. TCO), environmental specifications as well as reference pictures and user testimonials. In addition, the reports are dynamic and can be shared with colleagues and relevant contacts who are then able change specifications and update the report in a collaborative space.

In the second release of SimShade expected in September, it will also be possible to see the performance of different shading solutions on standard building structures (façades).


SimShade is available here

25 June 2019