MicroShade releases second edition of SimShade®

In June of last year, MicroShade released the first edition of the free online simulation tool, SimShade®. The tool introduced a new, holistic way of looking at the impact different shading and glazing solutions make on the overall performance of façades. And while the first edition provided output on component-level, the new release also enables calculations and comparisons on building-level.

The idea to create SimShade® was instigated by the technical team at MicroShade who needed a program, which could perform climate-based calculations on glass and shading systems, including complex fenestration systems. They searched - but they couldn’t find a program that could do this.

“So, we decided to develop SimShade® to get the information that was needed for the different projects we work on.” says Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen, head of technical support at MicroShade. “But we quickly realised that the holistic approach to evaluating and comparing different façade systems - not only on technical values, but also on economics and environmental benefits - was something many other people in the industry were also lacking,”

This is why the second edition of SimShade® is also launched on its very own website, where users can generate reports that provide an extensive overview of technical data, economics and environmental specifications on both component and building-level.

“Today the importance of a good indoor climate is very much in focus - and this is why SimShade® also performs evaluations of façade systems on simple room structures based on actual weather data. This makes it possible - in only a few minutes - to perform evaluations of the thermal indoor climate, the view out, the available daylight - as well as the total cost of ownership over 25 years,” says Eik Bezzel, CEO of MicroShade, and continues: “We believe that building decisions should include these ‘real-world’ considerations. This is in the interest of the owner, the end-user and the advisor. So, we are both happy and proud to make this improved tool available to all.”


SimShade® is available on: Simshade.dk

14 April 2020